A wearable LoRaWAN solution for worker safety.

A Worker Safety & Tracking solution that utilizes the SEAL device and LOCUS Application. The device utilizes GPS for outdoor and BLE for indoor real-time location and LoRaWAN for long range wireless communication. The SEAL device is used to enforce harness safety compliance in the event that a worker is not wearing a harness in designated areas.

Two Variants Available:

SEAL is optimized for both indoor and outdoor deployments, -40C to +60C temperature range, and Hazardous Class 1 Div 2 ATEX conditions.

 Key Features

SEAL can be worn easily and seamlessly on PPE with a sleek and unobtrusive design. It can identify fall detection and provide no-motion alarms for enhanced worker safety.
The SEAL wearable Tracker is seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s End-to-End IoT solution.

Lone Worker Safety

• Harness Safety Compliance
• Fall Detection & No-Motion Alerts
• Audio & Visual Alarms

Hazardous Worker Safety

• Accurate location (~2 meters)
• Geofencing capabilities
• ATEX Class 1 Div 2 Certification for hazardous environments

Industrial/O&G Work Sites

• Precise GPS & Integrated BLE
• Long range wireless communication
• Event-Based Startup


• Data Transmission over LoRaWAN
• 8-12 Month Battery life
• Rugged IP67 Design.

SEAL & SEAL Ex are compatible with LOCUS – a desktop and mobile application to track your assets that allows for a quick and seamless deployment with an easy to navigate user Interface.





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