SEAL Wearable GPS Tracker


LoRaWAN® connected GPS Tracker for Locating Personnel

SEAL is an ideal solution for tracking your personnel working remotely in the field. This device provides GPS enabled, near real-time satellite location tracking with LoRaWAN®. The rugged IP67 design allows for operation in diverse deployment environments, with an operable temperature range of -20°C to +50°C and BLE integration for continued tracking indoors. SEAL contains 3x AA batteries for optimal battery life of up to 8-12 months. SEAL is designed to identify fall detection and provide no-motion alarms for enhanced worker safety. The SEAL wearable Tracker is seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s End-to-End IoT solution.

Technical and Functional System Specifications: 

General System Parameters

LoRa Parameters

Regulatory Compliance

GNSS Features

Key Features

  • Fall Detection & No-Motion Alerts
  • Precise GPS & Integrated BLE
  • Data Transmission over LoRaWAN
  • Event-Based Startup
  • Geofencing Capabilities
  • Audio & Visual Alarms
  • Optional Harness detection
  • 8-12 Month Battery Life
  • Rugged IP67 Design.




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