Pulse Counter


Fe a tur ing Lo Ra WAN ®

EM300-DI is a compact LoRaWAN® pulse counter which transforms traditional water meters into wireless intelligent meters. With IP67 waterproof design, it is applicable in various harsh  application environments. In addition to LoRaWAN® technology with low power consumption, it has a built-in high-capacity battery available for several years without replacement. Moreover, EM300-DI is compatible with both Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud to achieve remote monitoring and visualized smart data management to achieve the purpose of saving water. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as agricultural irrigation, industrial water use, property meter reading and numerous scenarios.


  •  Flexible counting configuration to enable, stop, clear accumulated values
  •  Support digital filtering that filters interference signals to ensure more accurate counters
  •  Embedded with temperature and humidity sensors for environment monitoring
  •  IP67 waterproof enclosure for harsh environment applications
  •  Ultra-wide-distance transmission up to line of sight of 10km
  •  Store more than 2200 historical records and support retransmission to prevent data loss
  •  A built-in 4000 mAh replaceable battery and works for 5 years without replacement
  •  Equipped with NFC for easily configuration
  •  Compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  •  Quick and easy management with Milesight IoT Cloud soluti.



* Tested under laboratory conditions and for guideline purposes only.


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