Multifunctional Ultrasonic Distance Sensor


Featuring LoRaWAN


EM400-MUD is a multifunctional ultrasonic distance sensor that mainly detects small-range areas and small blind spots. Besides a wide measuring range, EM400-MUD has equipped with three switchable pre-set modes including standard mode, trash bin mode, and parking lot mode for different applications. Featuring low power.

Consumption LoRaWAN® technology, EM400-MUD can work for over 10 years with its two built-in 9000 mAh batteries. Besides, EM400-MUD equips with a 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor to detect the status of devices. Compliant with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud, users can know the container status and fill-in level in real-time via browser or mobile App remotely.


  •  3-450 cm wide detection range with small blind zone
  •  Equipped with three pre-set modes for different applications
  •  Equipped with NTC temperature sensor for the detection and alarm of trash burning
  •  Built-in 3-axis accelerometer sensor to monitor device tilt status
  •  Damp-proof coating inside and IP67 waterproof enclosure for outdoor applications
  •  Built-in two 9000 mAh replaceable batteries and work for 10 years without replacement
  •  Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to line of sight of 15 km
  •  Equipped with NFC for one touch configuration, support card emulation mode
  •  Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
  •  Compatible with Milesight IoT Cloud.



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