KONA Macro IoT Gateway


Scalable LoRaWAN® Gateway for Outdoor Deployments

The KONA Macro IoT Gateway is an ideal solution for operators and enterprises that require a very scalable low cost LoRaWAN® gateway that minimizes network TCO while improving coverage and capacity. In order to facilitate rapid deployment, the gateway is designed to be extremely compact and light weight. With both the cellular modem and GPS antennas embedded internally the KONA Macro is targeted at network sites that dictate a small form factor and low power consumption. Rated P67 it is designed for the most demanding outdoor installations. The KONA Macro can be installed in various locations reducing site and deployment costs while addressing different vertical IoT applications.


Key Product Differentiators

  • Optimize coverage and capacity with a cost-effective
    and extremely compact LoRaWAN® gateway.
  • Quick and easy deployment made possible with
    custom mounting options, including utility pole,
    lamp post, tower, roof or wall mounts.
  • Reduce set-up costs with plug-and-play installation
    utilizing the custom provisioned factory image.
  • Lower site operational costs due to low power
    consumptions and passive cooling.
  • High availability carrier grade design with support for
    in-service configuration and software updates.
  • Excellent out of band rejection of Interference from
    other networks such as Cellular and Paging.
  • Fully integrated with the broad eco-system of
    LoRa™ network servers and sensors


Key Features

  • NA915, EU868, AU915, AS923 ISM Bands
  • Frequency Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (NA)
  • Time Duplex 16 Rx / 2 Tx (Int.)
  • Integrated Bandpass Filter
  • Integrated GPS and 3G/4G Antenna
  • Precise Network Synchronization (GPS)
  • 27 dBm Tx Power
  • Hardended Carrier Grade Enclosure
  • Backhaul Connectivity (ETH / 3G / 4G)
  • Geolocation (optional)
  • Versatile Mounting Options


KONA Macro IoT Gateway
Scalable LoRaWAN® Gateway for Outdoor Deployments
Technical and Functional System Specification

Mechanical Parameters


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