iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

Wireless Solutions Release

Wireless Solutions Release

The Itech releases: the most complete family of Wireless modules communucations 

With the same hardware and connections, the platform "24" modules Motorola is the most versatile available, allowing a single design solution supports multiple technology


At work:

· Transfer of Information in Real Time

· Control and Remote Monitoring

Significant · Economy

· Expanding customer service

At home:

Safety - Transfer of Real-time Information for emergency services

· Monitoring and family observation

· Residential Automation

· Remote Monitoring

In the environment:

· Reading and Remote measurement in real-time

· Statistics and Linearity Analysis and Diagnosis

· Enables service providers to act remotely to solve problems

· Economy of time and money

Wireless Solutions Release
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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos
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