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Grupo iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos

Technical Assistance

Wireless Solutions Division

Expecting to make our service faster and avoid any compaint, we ask to all custmers
to look to the guidelines below before sending modules Motorola for repair.
Failure to comply with the procedures described exempt Motorola any liability of
any obstacles in the process.

The modules for defects should be referred to ITech according to the procedure
described below. Motorola will be responsible for the repairs of the modules received
in our company within the period of 15 months from date of manufacture, to be counted by
label identifying the product or 12 months from the date of sale by NF.

Send an Invoice for the Shipping for Repair ITech as given below.
If the company is relieved of the issuance of the invoice, it other words, not ICMS
taxpayers, the declaration shall be issue (as model Annex I) on paper
company letterhead sender. Please submit a list of products serial numbers attached.

CFOP 5915 in Sao Paulo
CFOP 6915 out of  Sao Paulo
Not detach the tax

CNPJ: 10.780.683/0001-09 I.E.: 148.578.449.113

Alameda Barao de Piracicaba, 695 - Campos Elísios - SP
Zipcode: 01216-012

Senda all the material to the CAR BGH along with NF Shipping
for Repair and Report Description of Defects (Annex II). We strongly
recommend to properly pack the modules in bags or Anti-Static Packaging
(ESD Safe) and use up a box suitable for shipping.

The Itech will make a first test in order to validate the warranty.
Modules showing oxidation caused by contact with liquids, physical
damage or misuse characteristics are considered Out of Warranty.

The modules IN WARRANTY will be exchanged for new ones and will return
in a period of fifteen (15) days counted from the date of receipt.

The cases considered OUT OF WARRANTY won't receive repair and will be
returned in the same way they were received.The budget of a new module
can be generated if requested by the client.

According to Law No. 8078 of September 11th of 1990, published in 12/09/1990,
article II of the Code of Consumer Protection, all services performed are
guaranteed for 90 days.

The shipping costs will are responsability of the client. In the case of guarantees,
material will be returned by prepaid mail.Disapproved budgets returned as mail to pay.

Motorola and ITech are not responsible for the transit of material. In case of damage
or loss during transport, the client should ask the insurance payment directly to the
company responsible for the transport service.

faça aqui o download dos anexos necessários

Technical Support
Phone: (+55 11) 3350 0200 B. 289 or 309
suporte.wireless @

Commercial area
Phone: (+55 11) 3350 0391 B. 306
cotacoes.wireless @

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iTech - Soluções em Wireless e Componentes Eletrônicos
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